Are you a tourism board or a company operating in the Travel and Lifestyle industry? As long as we share the same values, I can help you promote your brand, product, or service, inspire your customers and add value to your business. I collaborate only with brands that I personally believe in and would use myself.

Let’s work together!

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the oldest mall in Milan, Italy housing some of the most luxurious brands

content writing

Fresh travel guides, story-telling, sponsored articles, well-structured blog posts, all written in a creative manner to stimulate the imagination of the reader.

visual content

Travel and Lifestyle photography captured with my eyes for details, Lightroom editing, social media management, stories and posts combined with engaging captions.

brand partnerships

Product and services promotion on social media and blog, insightful reviews, brand ambassador, and affiliate marketing to transform your brand into a real experience.

destination campaigns

Implementing visual and text content to promote a destination, a hotel, an attraction, etc., conveying to the target group the feeling of actually being there.