My Trip to the Exotic Kritou Terra Waterfalls. Everything You need To Κnow Before Visiting.

The cold water of Kritou Terra waterfalls felt liberating and refreshing
The cold water of Kritou Terra waterfalls felt liberating and refreshing.

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The moist from the falling water felt both cooling and inviting after an intense hike under the hot sun. I carefully balanced myself at the edge of the cliff and approached further. ⁣Taking a deep breath I stepped under the waterfall. My skin began to tingle due to the cold water, and my breath quickened. But the feeling was so liberating and refreshing that I was forcing myself to stay a bit more under the force of the cool waterfall… Indeed, visiting Kritou Terra waterfalls was a unique experience.⁣

Kritou Terra is a village 29 kilometers away from Pafos city. The waterfalls, also known as Kremiotis waterfalls, are located on the east side of the village. ⁣

I parked my car at a small picnic area before embarking on a demanding 900-meter nature walk to reach the secret and most charming waterfall of all. Of course, another 900 meters of ascending walk was needed to get back to the starting point. The narrow dirt trail leading to the base of the lower falls passes through various species of local trees and plants allowing you to explore at the same time the magic of the Cyprus flora. ⁣

Reaching closer to the waterfall, an ever-growing pleasant sound of the waters dropping resonated through the dense plantation brought in my mind the meaningful saying that waterfalls wouldn’t sound so melodious if there were no rocks in their way. My excitement and curiosity were increasing, since the waterfall was not yet visible.

A few minutes later the trail ended in front of a dry waterfall that looked more like a big cave. ⁣I was overwhelmed with feelings of disappointment but thankfully they quickly disappeared as I observed people getting into the cave to pass to the other side through a small carved hole. And so did I.⁣⁣ As I was crawling in the hole of the rock, I was suddenly sprayed with water. Within the narrow passage, I felt a bit claustrophobic and was rushing to pass through this wet trap that I got myself into. ⁣

As soon as I reached the other side of the rock an abundance of light, and an immense green, accompanied by the melody of the water falling on the rocks brought back peace of mind. What has revealed in front of me was unexpectedly beautiful. It felt like entering Neverland.⁣⁣

Kritou Terra waterfall is covered with moss, creating an exotic environment.
Kritou Terra waterfall is covered with moss, creating an exotic environment.

It is hard to imagine that this speechless place became known by luck due to human intervention. A local wanted to fetch water to his fields and carved the rock to guide the waterfall’s stream to his property. ⁣Fortunately, the passage also uncovered this unique small waterfall, distinguished by the water pouring down like rain and the moss flourishing along the waterfall, creating an exotic environment!⁣⁣

The way through the hole is quite narrow and wet and requires some flexibility to pass, a fact that can make it daunting but the view of this stunning natural sight that will be revealed upon you is well worth it.⁣ Aside from comfy shoes, be sure to take water for the hike, a swimsuit, a towel, a camera, and a waterproof bag to protect your personal belongings and gadgets.⁣

Taking your swimsuit and a camera is a must when visiting Kritou Terra waterfalls.
Taking your swimsuit and a camera is a must when visiting Kritou Terra waterfalls.

From June 1, 2021, the community board introduced a small fee of €1 to enter the waterfalls, which is necessary to upkeep the area due to the excessive visits over the last years. In addition, a parking ticket of €2 has also been introduced.⁣

The best time to visit Kritou Terra Waterfalls is definitely in summer during the early morning hours on weekdays. ⁣This time is best to avoid the crowds and the queue waiting to reach the other side of the waterfall. Besides, the area around the hidden waterfall is very narrow and next to the cliff, with not much space to accommodate many people at the same time.⁣

Leave a comment below if you have personal experience from visiting Kritou Terra Waterfall⁣.







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