Gazing the peaceful and colorful sunset, amid the coronavirus pandemic

Life amid coronavirus pandemic is about going back to basics

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Gazing the peaceful and colorful sunset, amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Gazing the peaceful and colorful sunset, amid the coronavirus pandemic

Life amid coronavirus pandemic is all about going back to basics. In every crisis, there is an opportunity in disguise, and even though currently COVID-19 is severely challenging humankind it also enforces, as a side effect, some positive changes in our daily lives.

With no traffic jams, inactive factories, and airplanes stuck on the ground, air quality has improved and waters are clearer across the globe. It is like Global Warming has hired COVID-19 as its CEO and for the time being, the “manager” is doing a good job!

Mandatory work from home gives parents the chance to spend more time with their children. In the long-run, this trend can permanently shift working patterns and lead employers to embrace more flexible working arrangements for their employees that could increase productivity and happiness.

The public educational system is pushed to make a step into the digital era and offer online classes to students, but for sure this practice will first get messy before it gets better.

Our creativity has increased since we are obliged to do things differently, from working out at home using ordinary household equipment, to entertaining ourselves in the most unique ways. Besides, we all have more time now to practice our hobbies. We have the opportunity to read the books we bought and are still lying untouched on the side table, to cook to our loved one their favorite food, to watch the TV series that our friends recommended a while ago, to finish the painting that we left forgotten in our basement, and to knit a scarf for our grandchild.

Surprisingly, the need for self-isolation and social distancing has brought many communities around the world closer together. Neighbors that before had zero interaction are now gathering to their balconies to applause the efforts of the medical staff, to sing their national anthem, to play a musical instrument for the joy of others around, and to support each other to keep fighting until things get better. Not to forget the act of kindness from those caring for the people at increased risk of severe illness, and for volunteering to buy their groceries and medicine and deliver them to their doorstep.

But in any way, temporarily giving up our freedom for the sake of our health, has taught us that are the simple things in life that value the most. Things that we are used to taking for granted: a stress-free morning walk, a warm coffee with friends, a quiet stroll by the beach, a short trip to the village, a visit to our parents and grandparents, a peaceful view of the colorful sunset…

Stay home, stay strong, and stay healthy.

– Yemenaris


Disclaimer: Photo was taken before the lockdown order in Cyprus.



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