“The Secret” in life!

Happy New Year everyone! It’s the time of the year when we all make our New Year’s resolutions. These days, we are more optimistic and positive that in 2018 we will fulfill our dreams and goals which we have not yet accomplished. We are currently motivated enough to make changes and develop positive habits because our expectations and hope for a better year ahead are powerful ideas that can fuel our will to improve our lives.

Unfortunately, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February, according to U.S. News. In addition, Forbes magazine supports that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. As you understand the odds are against us.

Over the last years, most of us may have failed to fulfill partially if not the majority of our resolutions. It is common to feel disappointment for not achieving our goals and for not being able of creating the life we deserve. As a result, the feeling of disenchantment may lead to low self-esteem and lack of motivation to pursue our dreams further.

Many experts support that having unrealistic expectations and shooting in the moon will definitely make our New Year’s resolutions fall apart very quickly. That’s why they suggest keeping our bucket list short and focused on a thing or two that we need the most to improve in our life. But what if we are eager to simultaneously make multiple improvements? It can be a tough venture, don’t you think?

Having said that, it seems that we need to have secret powers or at least we need to think out of the box and search for “unconventional” ways to achieve our goals and create the life of our dreams. Talking for such ways I would like to introduce you to the book “The Secret”, written by Rhonda Byrne. I believe that it is worth reading this book since it can give you a different perspective on how you see life and it may improve it by utilizing the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction.

“The Secret” has many extreme supporters but also received a great deal of controversy and criticism over the years. More specifically, some people stress out the unrealistic theory behind the book and criticize the fact that it is impossible to continuously control our thoughts and think always positively. Indeed, the main idea of “The Secret” is based on the spiritual level of the human existence and of course what is not visible with human eyes is harder to believe it. Besides, as I mentioned above the idea of “The Secret” is somehow an unconventional way of fulfilling our dreams and requires faith. As a result, whether you believe that the book works or you believe it doesn’t, you are either way right!

Having said that, I will provide below 30 points which I believe are the most important ideas of the book, at least the way I perceived them. Nevertheless, this article does not substitute the need to fully study “The Secret” more than one time in order to thoroughly understand, absorb, apply, and utilize the secret in your daily life. So, let’s begin:

1. The basic concept of the book is that everything good or bad is happening in our life right now, we are the one who are attracting it through our thoughts and the images we are keeping in our mind.

2. We are the most powerful magnets in the universe attracting all the good and bad depending on whether we hold positive or negative thoughts in our mind, since our thoughts are transformed into actual things in life.

3. Thoughts are magnetic and they have a frequency. During the process of thinking we send our thoughts to the universe and they automatically attract things that are on the same frequency. Everything we send out to the universe returns back to the source: us. As a result, if we send out positive thoughts we will receive back positive outcomes. However, if we send negative thoughts we will receive back to our real life only negative results.

4. The law of attraction states that what we focus on we will eventually get. Hence, it is very important to focus on what we want and not on what we don’t want. In other words, we should never use words of negation in our thoughts such us don’t, not or no, because this will bring opposite results from the desired. For example, if we think that we don’t want to be delayed for a business meeting, it is like we ask from the universe only delays. Instead, think and say “I will be on time for my appointment”.

5. Meditation can help us master our mind and control better our thoughts.

6. We make thousand of thoughts every day, so in the case that we find it difficult to control our thoughts we might find it easier to focus on our feelings, since they can let us know what we are thinking. When we are feeling bad it is a warning from the universe that we are blocking ourselves from all the goods that can happen to us with this negative frequency. Instead, we must instantly think a positive thought in order to shift our feeling to a positive one and return back on track.

7. We can develop some secret positive boosters that will instantly shift our feelings. These boosters can be for example some beautiful memories from a past trip, our favorite music, nature, or a person we love. By the way, the feeling of love is the greater positive frequency we can emit.

8. The secret can be applied in three steps: ask, believe, and receive. Step 1: We need to ask clearly from the universe what we want to happen. It is so simple like we open the universe catalog and we just choose what we want to pick up from the universe store. Asking once only is enough. There is no need to ask over again because it is like we doubt the power of the universe. Step 2: believe that what we have asked we have already received it and is now ours. We must act, speak and think like we are receiving it now. If we find it difficult to start believing that we already have it, we can just remember our childhood and the way we were strongly believing in something without doubts and judging. We should never think about the way that the universe will bring to us what we have asked. For example, if we asked for more wealth, we should not start thinking the possible ways that the universe will give us wealth i.e. winning the lottery, inheriting wealth from a relative, or getting promotion at work. Step 3: Receive and just feel how it is to actually having it now what we have asked for. We should get in the frequency of feeling good, excitement, and happiness for receiving it now. Some examples that show us how to feel that we are having it now what we have asked for, is to go and test drive our dream car or go and shop for our dream house, etc. This will definitely put us in the feeling of owning our desired car or house, and guess what; we will literally attract it in real life.

9. Think your day in advance and say to yourself “I am going to have a pleasant visit or meeting”. By saying that, we are literally sending elements and forces ahead of our body that will arrange things to make our visit or meeting pleasant indeed.

10. Start with something small in order to experience the power of the law of attraction. For example, use the three steps of ask, believe, receive to find a parking space in a packed and busy area in your city. See if it works and then try to apply the law into more complex thoughts.

11. Before we go to bed we may recall all the events in our day that didn’t go the way we wanted. Then, we should replay them in our mind and give them the ending that we wanted in the first place. By this, we are cleaning any bad frequency and we will be able to start a new day with clear frequency.

12. The fastest way to attract anything in life is to be and feel happy now!

13. Gratitude for everything good we have in our life is very important in order bring more gratitude to us which will help us to manifest all of our wants. If we feel ungrateful for our life then all of our thoughts and feelings will emit negative emotions. We should start making a list of things that we are grateful for and this will shift our energy and consequently our thinking. A simple trick that we can apply in order to remember to be grateful every day is to have a gratitude rock, an ordinary rock, which we can put in our pocket and every time we touch it during the day will remind us everything good in our life.

14. Relationships can work better when we focus on what we appreciate about the other person and not on what we dislike about them. Take a paper and write down all the things that you appreciate about your person and you will realize that you will start getting more of those qualities from your person from now on.

15. The practice of visualization is very important because we create pictures in our mind the way we want them to be and these pictures emit positive thoughts and feelings which are sent to the universe and eventually they will become reality. Every day close your eyes for a minute and visualize your goals as if you have already achieved them. In addition, use a vision board and pin all your goals there. You can add on the board a picture of your dream house or the perfect partner or a check issued on your name with your desired amount of money (https://www.thesecret.tv/gifts-for-you/the-magic-check/).

16. Never allow a thought of doubt in your mind because this will send unclear signals to the universe and the law of attraction will bring more thoughts of doubt. As a result, the doubts will not allow all the good things that we deserve and asked for to be manifested.

17. When we want to attract something in our life our actions should not contradict our desires. For example, if we are looking to find the perfect partner and live together, it is better not to sleep in the center of our double bed, but instead we should use the half of the bed and let the rest of the space for our future partner.

18. To attract money we must think that we already have the wealth. We must always focus on the abundance and not on the lack of money. We should look at the things that we like and say “I can afford it”. In addition, giving is a powerful action that can bring more money in our life, because this action signals that we already have plenty of money. However, we should distinguish the difference between giving and sacrificing. The former creates positive emotions, whereas the latter does not feel good. Therefore, we should always give from the heart.

19. The human mind and its thoughts is the biggest factor in the healing procedure, sometimes more than the medication. Think about the placebo effect for example.

20. Laughter is the best medicine. Watching more funny movies has a positive impact on our health.

21. All the beliefs about aging are all in our minds. If we are feeling little unwell we should not talk about it because we will get more of it. It is better to keep saying “I feel good” and believe it.

22. Never curse your enemies because that curse will come back to us and harm us. We should instead praise and bless our enemies. Besides, they can help us improve ourselves.

23. We should not compete or compare ourselves with others because it is like we challenge the idea of abundance on which the secret is based on. In other words, there is more than enough of everything for all of us. Instead of competing, we should become creative minds and focus on our dreams and vision.

24. Ninety-nine percent of who we are is invisible and untouchable. We are gods manifested in human form made to perfection. We have God potential and power to create our world.

25. When we say “I am” the words that follow are summoning creation with a mighty force because we are declaring it to be a fact. Hence, we should say “I am strong”, “I am healthy”, “I am wealthy” and the law of attraction will make your wishes come true.

26. Whether we think we can or we think we can’t, either way we are right.

27. It is important to be aware in the present of what we are thinking in order to have consciousness of our power.

28. Our primary aim is to feel and experience joy. Hence, we should do only those things which give us joy in life. If we are not sure what brings us joy, we must ask ourselves “what is my joy?” If we follow our excitement, our passion, and our enthusiasm, we will find our purpose in life.

29. All good things are our birthright! We are the creators of us, and the law of attraction is our magnificent tool to create our destiny and whatever we want in life. The secret is our thoughts and feelings and it was, it is, and it will always be within us! We are the master of the universe.

30. Be happy now, feel good now! This is the only thing we have to do.

“May the Secret bring love and joy for your entire existence”- Rhonda Byrne, author of “The Secret”.

– A. Yemenaris

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